Keynote Speaker – Michael Lutomski


Michael Lutomski
SpaceX Director of System Safety and Risk

Mr. Lutomski has spent nearly 30 years at working on human spaceflight programs at NASA and in private industry.  He has worked in different areas including operations, engineering, program management, and safety. He started his career as a flight controller working the NASA-JSC Mission Control Center in Houston.  In the mid-90’s Mr. Lutomski spent two years working in NASA’s Moscow, Russia office.  While in Russia he worked in the Mission Control Center supporting early space station operations infrastructure development. Mr. Lutomski was for 10 years Risk Manager for the International Space Station (ISS) Program. As Risk Manager he was responsible for defining and implementing the qualitative and quantitative risk management processes across the organizations and international participants of the ISS Program. He retired from NASA in 2013 and joined Space Exploration Technologies, or SpaceX where he works as the Director of System Safety and Risk.